We have always been aware of our responsibility to the environment and are constantly working to reduce our impact on nature. We believe that producing quality clothing at a reasonable pace can be a lever for positive change.





Ploomi creates mostly classic, versatile clothing pieces for a timeless closet that can be combined in an infinite number of ways. Our team develops small, all-season collections and adds them as new permanent pieces to our existing assortment.


We adhere to the concept of slow fashion, so new models are released no more than twice a year. We also strive to make sure that people wear our clothes for a long time and buy them to add to their existing closet. 95% of the clothes we make can be worn all year round.


Our range consists of timeless clothing, most of which is unisex.




Establishing long-term partnerships with suppliers who share our values is an important aspect of our work. Our suppliers are located in Italy, France, Estonia and Lithuania.


We reuse existing resources: we stock high quality fabrics from European fashion houses and recycled materials. We use OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified fabrics.




We care about the fabrics we use and produce only what we are happy to wear ourselves. We use premium eco-friendly materials in the production of Ploomi clothing. We use natural fibers and biodegradable fabrics such as cotton, tencel, wool and silk. 


We make sure that our printed materials and labels are made from recycled materials and are recyclable. We use OEKO-TEX certified woven labels; business cards, paper boxes and bags made from 70% recycled paper.




We also take our responsibilities to the people involved in the production of Ploomi clothing seriously. All people involved in the production of our clothing have fair and ethical working conditions.


If you have any questions about sustainable manufacturing and our work in this area, you can contact us at ploomiclothing@gmal.com








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